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Laskalawlex's gameplay for World of Tanks (PC)

Laskalawlex played World of Tanks

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Laskalawlex said...
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  • Marathoned
I marathoned for 8 hours with the occasional break with loads of noob players and delicious faggots (it's a food too, looks like a meatball) i got 2500+ in EXP and gained a small bankfull of cash :D
World of Tanks

World of Tanks (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Simulation
Release Date: 12/APR/11
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The only food I've seen by that name was a haystack cookie with the pretzels lined up.
I don't actually eat them i think they're kind of gross :P
nice play..
What server are you playing? Im SEA
i'm i think on the wua 2
eu2 had to check it was annoying me.
User name is kipling97.
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